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On [Open] Club Day, live music venues and clubs all over Europe usually open their doors on the same day during daytime and invite people to discover what is happening behind their scenes.

As the situation for the live music sector is more catastrophic than ever, we need to pursue our efforts in highlighting the immense value live music scenes bring to our lives, societies, communities and economies.

It is important that we continue doing [Open] Club Day and spread its values: strengthen the connection of venues and clubs with their local communities, connect local stages all over Europe in a solidary movement & reaffirm their cultural, social, and economic importance.




We want to give a flexible twist to [Open] Club Day European edition #4 as we know how uncertain and fragile planning activities is right now.

Venues and clubs can participate with (almost) regular [Open] Club Day activities or symbolically through signing the [Open] Club Day statement.

Because it is more important than ever to connect, participating venues and clubs will have the opportunity to exchange through online networking meetings.

Organisations, artists and all music enthusiasts can also show their support to European live music stages by endorsing the statement.

All the details are listed in the FAQ section.





Even if their doors have to stay closed in these testing times, live music venues and clubs are by essence spaces of openness, discovery, and diversity. To valorise these dynamics is why Open Club Day was created in the first place. Since March 2020, the entire live music ecosystem is in danger. Venues and clubs are fighting for their survival.

Now more than ever, we must support our local music scenes. Live music professionals need to receive the recognition they deserve! Since the outbreak of this unprecedented crisis, they have been working restlessly to keep their artistic hubs active and to maintain the bond with their communities! They repeatedly challenge themselves to find creative solutions to adapt to the crisis. They are committed to keeping their places, teams, and audiences safe by applying the sanitary protocols.

These live music stages are places of artistic development and play a great role in individual and collective emancipation. They give jobs to thousands of people and are the source of joy, entertainment and cultural discovery for billions of European citizens.

From local to European level, let [Open] Club Day be a celebration of the power that live music venues and clubs have of bringing people together and pumping life into our societies! Together, let’s seize this opportunity to foster better understanding of the harsh realities of our local live music stages!

We still do not know if venues and clubs in Europe will be able to open their doors on Saturday, 6th of February and allow people to discover what usually happens behind their scenes.

Open or not, let’s join forces and make this 4th European edition of [Open] Club Day a symbol of resilience and solidarity!

With this statement, we want all venues, clubs, festivals, cultural workers, concert-goers and music enthusiasts to have the possibility to sign it, endorse it and join this collective movement. Let’s create together a momentum to support diverse and vibrant live music scenes all over Europe!





If you are a venue or a club, sign up now to participate at the [Open] Club Day and to support the statement.

Find out in the FAQ section how your participation to [Open] Club Day could look like.

You are not a venue or a club, but you still want to support [Open] Club Day? Show your engagement by signing the statement!



Venues & Clubs

L’Autre Canal (FR)

L’Entrepôt à Arlon (FR)

Sala Creedence-Zaragoza (ES)

Atelier Rock Huy (BE)

Alexela Concert Hall (EE)

CAP10100 (IT)

Le 9-9bis/Métaphone (FR)

Rytmikorjaamo (FI)

EnergiMølla (NO)

Erinevate Tubade Klubi (EE)


muziekclub N9 (BE)

Gare de Lion (CH)

De Pul (NL)

Musicbox (PT)

Titanic Sur Mer (PT)

Folken (NO)

Super Fourchette (BE)

Hall Padova (IT)



KIFF Aarau (CH)

RKC | Rocking Chair (CH)

Sveta Baar (EE)

Les 4 Ecluses (FR)

Astrolabe (FR)

Ebullition (CH)

Musikhuzet Bornholm (DK)



Le Nouveau Monde (CH)

L’Amalgame (CH)


Poppodium De Peppel (NL)

zik-zak (BE)

La Capsulerie (BE)

Atelier 210 – Brussels (BE)

Le Rideau Rouge (BE)

Silly Concerts (BE)

La Carène (FR)

Magasin4 (BE)

Rock & Roll Heaven Tartu (EE)

Sanagustin kulturgunea (ES)

La Cabane (BE)

Belvédère de Namur – Panama asbl (BE)

Jardin Moderne (FR)

Docks (CH)

Le Romandie (CH)

Steinhaus Bautzen (DE)

Scheune Dresden Booking (DE)

Latest Musicbar (UK)

Prince Albert stroud (UK)

Alter Schlachthof Eupen (BE)

Association Au Coin de l’Oreille (FR)

Rebels Music / Musikk-kjeller’n (NO)

Garage8 Olten (CH)

Rockeklubben i Porsgrunn (NO)

Hafenbahnhof (DE)

Zinnschmelze (DE)

objekt klein a (DE)

Club Paula (DE)


Kulturwerk 118, Sursee (CH)

Bang Venue (PT)

The Grand Social (IE)

moondoo (DE)

Mensch Meier / Club und Kulturhaus (DE)

Werkk Kulturlokal baden (CH)

zik-zak (BE)

open music jazz club (BE)

Rockerill (BE)

Motown concert (BE)

La Ferme ! (BE)

Kulturfabrik KUFA Lyss (CH)

Musigburg (CH)

Alsterschloesschen Burg Henneberg (DE)

Hannesarholt (IS)


Zauberberg Passau gUG (DE)


Onder Stroom (BE)

Molotow Club (DE)

Gamla bíó & Petersen svítan (IS)

Moonray Spirit e.V. (DE)

Klub Łącznik (PL)

Kaņepes Kultūras centrs (LV)


Jazz Station asbl (BE)

Independent – Sunderland (UK)

OldCapitol (CH)

Climax Institutes (CH)

SektorEvolution (DE)

Kulturhuset i Oslo (NO)


GrooveStation (DE)

Heswall Hall (UK)

Gregers Live (NO)

La Sala Buda (ES)


Sala Informal (ES)


Sala Euterpe (ES)


Sala Mardi Gras (ES)

Fabrica de Chocolate Club (ES)


Hard Rock Café Reykjavik (IS)

Sala REM (ES)

Deichdiele Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg (DE)

breidenbach studios (DE)

klub.k (DE)



Audrey Guerre

Elisa Thoma

Emanuela Moraru

Alev Sarc, manager of Maya, Belgian, Turkish rooted artist

Audrey Brisack

Lau Bacanal

Anya della Croce


Juliette Olivares

Thibaut Hermouet

Shawn James (BEWYLD)

Tino Christiansen

Sonja (Punktum Tattoo, Hamburg)



Not all live music venues and clubs will have the chance to organise their own [Open] Club Day. If you have this opportunity, why not use it to show solidarity with the venues and clubs who cannot do it? One for all and all for one! For example, by endorsing the [Open] Club Day statement, you take part in a European-wide solidarity movement to support local music scenes. The more we are, the more we will be heard and valorised! By sharing the statement with your partners, network, local authorities or friends, you help sharing the immense value of live music scenes. Thank you for this!


This year, we want to connect [Open] Club Day participants even more. We will organise large meetings for all participants all over Europe to discuss and exchange together, in a very informal and relaxed way.


If you are a venue or club and decide to take part in [Open] Club Day, promote the amazing work you are doing on a daily basis (from talent detection and promotion, over artist support, up to educational and communal activities). Show that it takes a variety of professions in order to run a venue or club.  Especially in these crazy times, it is important to show the amazing work you do to keep your venue or club afloat.


[Open] Club Day is a great opportunity to engage with your community and to welcome a new audience. By inviting people in a different context – during the day and not for a live music show – you create the circumstances to address issues that are important for you. After the lockdown and restrictions on public gatherings that many of us have suffered, we all need and want to connect to each other and with the places dire to our hearts.


[Open] Club Day allows highlighting the work accomplished inside the venue and club. By showing the work of your venue or club in a different light, you can help clearing up negative stereotypes that might be running around. The coronavirus crisis has seen dangerous stereotypes arise for music venues and clubs. In Europe, several campaigns or actions were taken to discredit live music scenes, which were seen as unsafe places. This is absolutely false. Use [Open] Club Day to claim your responsibility as a professional actor of the live music ecosystem. The only thing contagious in a venue or club is passion, fun, entertainment, diversity, love and solidarity.


The values we represent, as described in our statement, are positive and engaged. Benefit from a communication campaign on [Open] Club Day at a European scale whose sole objective is to support local music scenes.

[Open] Club Day is all about showing what it takes to run a club or a venue. It is about the people working in the venue, about what they do on a daily basis, about their passion, preoccupations and motivations. Here are some activities of venues and clubs that participated during in the last years:

  • Guided tours through your venue;
  • A public discussion with your local decision makers;
  • A speed-meeting with the team. People might be surprised how many different professions it takes to run a venue;
  • Activities for families and kids, such as a kids disco or a kid-friendly tour through your venue;
  • Get in touch with other clubs and venues from your town and set up a club safari;
  • Organise an open stage for local musicians;
  • Organise workshops such as DIY silkscreen printing, an introduction to sound and light engineering, a crash-course in preparing cocktails;

We have created a handy info sheet with ideas of activities that venues and clubs have organised at past [Open] Club Day editions. Some are quite simple, others need a little bit more preparation and effort. Do what feels right for you and doable with the sanitary protocol.

If you cannot open your doors on [Open] Club Day and invite locals to discover the behind the scenes of your venue, you can still take part in [Open] Club Day. Here are some ideas of how your symbolic participation could look like:


Show that you are part of this solidary movement by sharing the statement on your website and socials. Send out a press release and let your local media know. Send a letter to your municipality!  You can also print out the statement and display it on to your door.

After signing the statement, you will receive a confirmation notification with a toolkit providing some communication materials for this.


If outdoor gatherings are allowed, you can invite your neighbours, local media and decision makers from your municipality to meet in front of your venue. You can use this moment to explain how this crisis affects you and how you have been working.

You can also partner up with other actors from your town’s music scene (music shops, music schools, rehearsal studios, festival organisers, radios…) and organise together a guided tour through your town explaining how the local music scene works.


If you are into streaming and connecting through digital channels, you can imagine [Open] Club Day activities as digital format. Film a guided tour through your club, stream an interview with your team members, or do an online discussion with artists.

Most [Open] Club Day activities can still be coherent with the current physical distancing and sanitary regulations in place and we are confident that the venues and clubs participating in this edition will do so in the most responsible way by applying the sanitary protocols. [Open] Club Day participants which develop a physical activity welcoming an audience must comply with the sanitary restrictions put in place at local, regional or national level. In case of doubt, feel free to contact the live music association from your country and/or your local authorities to ask them what these restrictions are.

As individual or organisation, you can support [Open] Club Day by signing the statement. Once you signed up, you will receive a confirmation notification with a toolkit providing some communication materials. You can share them on your socials, website or newsletter to show your support.

We use your personal data in a database of contacts in case we need to clarify or confirm any details about your subscription, and to keep you up to date with Open Club Day activities. We will always hold your information securely. No personal user information in link with this website is published, exchanged, transferred or sold without the agreement of the user to any third party. For more information, please read our Legal Notice.

[Open] Club Day is an initiative that was born in Switzerland. Since 2018, it is coordinated by Live DMA, a European network of live music associations representing over 3000 live music venues, clubs and festivals throughout Europe. [Open] Club Day is part of Live Style Europe, the project designed by Live DMA for which it received a grant from the European Commission via the Creative Europe programme.

The event-concept was created by SBCK (Swiss non-governmental commissions for bars and clubs) and PETZI (Swiss non-governmental federation of live music venues and festivals) in Switzerland and has been conducted on a national level since 2015 with great success. The European edition of [Open] Club Day is supported by the European Commission via the Creative Europe programme. Live DMA and its members, 20 live music associations in 16 different countries, coordinate [Open] Club Day:

ACCES (Spain)

ASACC (Catalonia)

Club Circuit (Belgium – Flanders)

Court-Circuit (Belgium – Wallonia-Brussels)

Collectif Culture Bar-Bars (France)

Dansk Live (Denmark)


Hanzas Perons (Latvia)

KeepOn Live (Italy)

Kultura Live (Basque Country)

LiveFIN (Finland)

LiveKomm (Germany)

Live ME (Estonia)

LOFTAS (Lithuania)

Music Venue Trust (UK)

NKA (Norway)

PETZI (Switzerland)

Salon IKSV (Turkey)

Svensk Live (Sweden)

VNPF (Netherlands)


For any help or support in implementing an [Open] Club Day activity, please contact the [Open] Club Day coordinator of the national live music association you are part of.

ACCES (Spain) –
ASACC (Spain – Catalonia) –
Clubcircuit (Belgium – Flanders) –
Collectif Culture Bar Bars (France) –
Court-Circuit (Belgium – Wallonia) –
Dansk Live (Denmark) –
FEDELIMA (France) –
KeepON Live (Italy) –
Kultura Live (Spain – Basque Country) –
LiveFin (Finland) –
LiveKomm (Germany) –
Live Music Estonia (Estonia) –
Music Venue Trust (UK) –
Norske Konsertarrangorer (Norway) –
PETZI (Switzerland) –
Svensk Live (Sweden) –
VNPF (Netherlands) –

If you are not part of a national association, please contact the European coordination of the event:


The [Open] Club Day is part of the building capacity programme #LiveStyleEurope coordinated by Live DMA, European non-governmental network for live music associations representing venues, clubs, and festivals. It is supported by the European Commission via the Creative Europe programme.

The event-concept was created by SBCK (Swiss non-governmental commissions for bars and clubs) and PETZI (Swiss non-governmental federation of live music venues and festivals) in Switzerland and has been conducted on a national level since 2015 with great success. Since 2018, Live DMA and its members coordinate the initiative on a European level.